Morocco Expedition 6-18.2.2024

Number of days: 12 Trip

Minimum number of people : 3

Type: asphalt, gravel moderate off, desert, piste

Sleeping: hotels, apartments, tents

What we will see and experience: - Ferry crossing from Europe to Africa - The Blue City of Chefchaouen - The royal city of Fés with a famous tannery that still processes leather in the same way as in the 12th century, the old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Khenifra - Crossing the Atlas Mountains - The city of Tinerhir in the oasis of the same name - Todra Gorge – one of the most beautiful in Morocco - The village of Merzouga near the Algerian border - Sand dunes - Quarzazate, referred to as Moroccan Hollywood - Lake Barrage El Mansour Eddahbi - Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou, a group of mud dwellings of the original inhabitants of the Sahara - Beautiful Marrakech listed on the UNESCO list - The seaside town of Essaquira- Ass Sawira - The capital of Morocco, Rabat, another of the cities whose oldest part is inscribed on the World Heritage List The price includes: - airport transfer - accommodation in Spain after arrival and before departure - Europe-Africa-Europe ferry - accommodation in Morocco - motorcycle transport Czech Republic-Spain-CZ - picking up the motorcycle in the Czech Republic, taking it to the collection point - guide services Price does not include: - tickets there and back - eating and drinking regime all the time - fuel costs - entrances to museums and monuments

The price includes:

- guide services

- airport transfer

- photos and short videos

- minor motorcycle service

- provision of motorcycle towing (paid by the participant) in the event of an irreparable breakdown

Price does not include:

- motorcycle transport CR-Malaga-CR

- tickets there and back

- Europe-Africa-Europe ferry

- accommodation in hotels, apartments, boarding houses, in a camp in the Sahara

- eating and drinking regime all the time

- fuel costs

- entrances to museums and monuments

Frequently asked questions and answers:

YOU: Approximately how much will the entire stay cost?

WE: Without guide services, the price is around 2000 EUR (transportation of own motorbike to Spain and back, plane tickets, ferry, accommodation, food, PHM)


YOU: What kind of bike will he ride?

WE: On our own, which we send in advance to Malaga, Spain with Motogbox.


YOU: How do I get from Malaga airport?

WE: We will pick you up and take you to the hotel.


YOU: How do I get out of the hotel for the motorcycle and where do I leave my things?

WE: We will pick you up at the hotel in the morning, take you to the motorcycle partner, and you can leave all the extra stuff packed with him.


YOU: Will we visit all the places on the schedule?

WE: We are not a travel agency, so we do not have an exact travel itinerary. But mostly we visit these places. However, the weather and the abilities of the participants are always decisive.


YOU: How much do we eat per day and in total?

WE: In total, the route is approximately 3000 km long, with an average daily run of 200-300 km.


YOU: How is the weather this time of year?

WE: Although Morocco is an African country, be prepared for the fact that it can easily snow, so please buy good quality warm clothes and good waterproofs.


YOU: Why go to Morocco?

WE: For many years I only guided in southern Andalusia and it is beautiful, but in Morocco you experience a completely different way of living and thinking. Just beyond the borders, you will feel like you are on another planet. Morocco will certainly surprise you, in every way.

990.00 €